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About Us

Origin Story:
Edit Monks was founded by entrepreneurs Ankan Talit and Anuj Mishra, who were determined to build a successful company after previous ventures. Their shared passion led them to finally achieve that goal with Edit Monks.


Edit Monks specializes in video production, including editing, motion graphics, animation, and live action shoots. We also offer photography, graphic design, and end-to-end digital marketing services.

Our Difference:

What sets Edit Monks apart is our nimble team's dedication to collaborating closely with clients to turn their visions into impactful and cohesive end products. We combine creativity with an understanding of target audiences and platforms.

At Edit Monks our core values are creativity, transparency, accountability, and exceeding expectations. We approach each project with integrity and commitment to delivering work we are proud of.


Community Impact:

By helping brands craft compelling stories and reach their target audiences, Edit Monks empowers companies to grow and increase their positive impact. We take pride in contributing to our clients' success.


Edit Monks is focused on expanding capabilities and help brands achieve their missions and scale their success through impactful storytelling and digital marketing.


Edit Monks was founded by Ankan Talit and Anuj Mishra who bring  diverse set of experiences to provide end-to-end solutions. Our talented team of creators and strategists are passionate about producing work that drives results.


Anuj Mishra

Co-Founder & Creative Head

Ankan Talit

Co-Founder & Business Head

Rezu Khatun

Pro Video & Motion Graphics Editor

Samsur Rahaman

Pro Video & Motion Graphics Editor


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