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Our Projects

Welcome to our portfolio, where creativity meets excellence. Dive into a world of captivating visuals, compelling narratives, and innovative solutions. Explore our diverse range of projects, each showcasing our dedication to quality and our passion for storytelling. From video production to graphic design, we invite you to witness the magic of Edit Monks in action.

The ProsperityM Project

Discover our dynamic video creations for ProsperityM, showcasing innovative storytelling and visual excellence. Dive into our portfolio to witness captivating content that elevates brand narratives.

The Ramdhanu Project

Explore our vibrant video portfolio crafted for Ramdhanu, where creativity meets storytelling excellence. Immerse yourself in our showcase of visually stunning content that brings brand stories to life.

The Alter Ego Project

Dive into our captivating video portfolio for the Alter Ego Project, a collaborative venture with Ramdhanu. Witness the fusion of tradition and contemporary flair as we showcase how traditional attire can be adorned with a modern twist. Experience the elegance and creativity firsthand in our visually stunning showcase.

The Beachwood School Project

Explore our dynamic video portfolio featuring Beachwood School, where we've crafted engaging content that's taken their brand to new heights. Discover the innovative ways we've helped them connect with their audience and elevate their online presence. Step into the world of Beachwood School and witness the power of compelling storytelling.

The Restaurant Project

Indulge in the tantalizing world of food photography with our project. We captured mouthwatering visuals that not only showcase the delectable cuisine but also evoke a sensory experience. From vibrant dishes to intricate details, our photos are crafted to entice and engage viewers, making them crave a taste of the culinary delights. Dive into our portfolio and savor the essence of our food photography expertise.

Behind the scenes

Step behind the scenes of our editing wizardry as we unveil the magic of transforming raw footage into captivating visual masterpieces. In this project, we showcase the intricate process of editing, highlighting our expertise in enhancing every frame to perfection. Witness the seamless transition from raw footage to polished content, as we bring out the best in every scene through meticulous editing techniques. Join us on this journey of creativity and innovation, where ordinary footage is elevated to extraordinary heights through the power of editing.

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